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2PAC / TUPAC SHAKUR - All About U lyrics
2PAC / TUPAC SHAKUR - 2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted lyrics
2PAC / TUPAC SHAKUR - Brenda's Got a Baby lyrics
2PAC / TUPAC SHAKUR - California Love [Original Version] lyrics
2PAC / TUPAC SHAKUR - Changes lyrics
2PAC / TUPAC SHAKUR - Dear Mama lyrics
2PAC / TUPAC SHAKUR - God Bless the Dead lyrics
2PAC / TUPAC SHAKUR - Hail Mary lyrics
2PAC / TUPAC SHAKUR - Heartz of Men lyrics
2PAC / TUPAC SHAKUR - Hit 'Em Up lyrics
2PAC / TUPAC SHAKUR - How Do U Want It? lyrics
2PAC / TUPAC SHAKUR - How Long Will They Mourn Me lyrics
2PAC / TUPAC SHAKUR - I Ain't Mad at Cha lyrics
2PAC / TUPAC SHAKUR - I Get Around lyrics
2PAC / TUPAC SHAKUR - Keep Ya Head Up lyrics
2PAC / TUPAC SHAKUR - Life Goes On lyrics
2PAC / TUPAC SHAKUR - Me Against the World lyrics
2PAC / TUPAC SHAKUR - Picture Me Rollin lyrics
2PAC / TUPAC SHAKUR - So Many Tears lyrics
2PAC / TUPAC SHAKUR - Temptations lyrics
2PAC / TUPAC SHAKUR - To Live & Die in L.A. lyrics
2PAC / TUPAC SHAKUR - Toss It Up lyrics
2PAC / TUPAC SHAKUR - Trapped lyrics
2PAC / TUPAC SHAKUR - Troublesome '96 lyrics
2PAC / TUPAC SHAKUR - Unconditional Love lyrics
A PERFECT CIRCLE - 3 Libras lyrics
A PERFECT CIRCLE - a Stranger lyrics
A PERFECT CIRCLE - Blue lyrics
A PERFECT CIRCLE - Brena lyrics
A PERFECT CIRCLE - Crimes lyrics
A PERFECT CIRCLE - Gravity lyrics
A PERFECT CIRCLE - Lullaby lyrics
A PERFECT CIRCLE - Magdalena lyrics
A PERFECT CIRCLE - Orestes lyrics
A PERFECT CIRCLE - Over lyrics
A PERFECT CIRCLE - Rose lyrics
A PERFECT CIRCLE - Sleeping Beauty lyrics
A PERFECT CIRCLE - The Hollow lyrics
A PERFECT CIRCLE - The Noose lyrics
A PERFECT CIRCLE - The Nurse Who Loved Me lyrics
A PERFECT CIRCLE - The Outsider lyrics
A PERFECT CIRCLE - The Package lyrics
A PERFECT CIRCLE - Thinking Of You lyrics
A PERFECT CIRCLE - Thomas lyrics
A PERFECT CIRCLE - Vanishing lyrics
A PERFECT CIRCLE - Weak and Powerless lyrics
ASHES DIVIDE - a Wish lyrics
ASHES DIVIDE - Defamed lyrics
ASHES DIVIDE - Denial Waits lyrics
ASHES DIVIDE - Enemies lyrics
ASHES DIVIDE - Forever Can Be lyrics
ASHES DIVIDE - Ritual lyrics
ASHES DIVIDE - Stripped Away lyrics
ASHES DIVIDE - Sword lyrics
ASHES DIVIDE - The Prey lyrics
ASHES DIVIDE - The Stone lyrics
ASHES DIVIDE - Too Late lyrics
B.o.B - 5th Dimension lyrics
B.o.B - Airplanes lyrics
B.o.B - Airplanes, Part II lyrics
B.o.B - Bet I lyrics
B.o.B - Can I Fly? lyrics
B.o.B - Cyber Heaven lyrics
B.o.B - Don't Let Me Fall lyrics
B.o.B - Fame lyrics
B.o.B - Ghost in the Machine lyrics
B.o.B - Grip Ur Body [EP version] lyrics
B.o.B - I See Ya lyrics
B.o.B - Letters from Vietnam lyrics
B.o.B - Lovelier Than You lyrics
B.o.B - Magic lyrics
B.o.B - Nothin' On You lyrics
B.o.B - Past My Shades lyrics
B.o.B - The Kids lyrics
BLOC PARTY - Ares lyrics
BLOC PARTY - Better Than Heaven lyrics
BLOC PARTY - Biko lyrics
BLOC PARTY - Halo lyrics
BLOC PARTY - Ion Square lyrics
BLOC PARTY - Mercury lyrics
BLOC PARTY - One Month Off lyrics
BLOC PARTY - Signs lyrics
BLOC PARTY - Trojan Horse lyrics
BLOC PARTY - Zephyrus lyrics
BOB DYLAN - Ain't Talkin' lyrics
BOB DYLAN - Beyond The Horizon lyrics
BOB DYLAN - Nettie Moore lyrics
BOB DYLAN - Rollin' and Tumblin' lyrics
BOB DYLAN - Someday Baby lyrics
BOB DYLAN - Spirit On The Water lyrics
BOB DYLAN - The Levee's Gonna Break lyrics
BOB DYLAN - Thunder On The Mountain lyrics
BOB DYLAN - When The Deal Goes Down lyrics
BOB DYLAN - Workingman's Blues #2 lyrics
BRUNO MARS - Count on Me lyrics
BRUNO MARS - Grenade lyrics
BRUNO MARS - Just the Way You Are lyrics
BRUNO MARS - Liquor Store Blues lyrics
BRUNO MARS - Marry You lyrics
BRUNO MARS - Our First Time lyrics
BRUNO MARS - Runaway Baby lyrics
BRUNO MARS - Somewhere in Brooklyn lyrics
BRUNO MARS - Talking to the Moon lyrics
BRUNO MARS - Talking to the Moon [Acoustic piano version] lyrics
BRUNO MARS - The Lazy Song lyrics
BRUNO MARS - The Other Side lyrics
COLDPLAY - 42 lyrics
COLDPLAY - Cemeteries of London lyrics
COLDPLAY - Chinese Sleep Chant lyrics
COLDPLAY - Death and All His Friends lyrics
COLDPLAY - Life in Technicolor lyrics
COLDPLAY - Lost! lyrics
COLDPLAY - Lovers in Japan lyrics
COLDPLAY - Reign of Love lyrics
COLDPLAY - Strawberry Swing lyrics
COLDPLAY - The Escapist lyrics
COLDPLAY - Violet Hill lyrics
COLDPLAY - Viva la Vida lyrics
COLDPLAY - Yes lyrics
DEFTONES - Beware lyrics
DEFTONES - Cherry Waves lyrics
DEFTONES - Combat lyrics
DEFTONES - Hole in the Earth lyrics
DEFTONES - Kimdracula lyrics
DEFTONES - Mein lyrics
DEFTONES - Pink Cellphone lyrics
DEFTONES - Rapture lyrics
DEFTONES - Rats!Rats!Rats! lyrics
DEFTONES - Riviere lyrics
DEFTONES - U,U,D,D,L,R,L,R,A,B,Select,Start lyrics
DEFTONES - Xerces lyrics
DRAKE - 9AM in Dallas rap lyrics
DRAKE - Cece's Interlude lyrics
DRAKE - Fancy lyrics
DRAKE - Find Your Love lyrics
DRAKE - Fireworks lyrics
DRAKE - Forever lyrics
DRAKE - Karaoke lyrics
DRAKE - Light Up lyrics
DRAKE - Miss Me lyrics
DRAKE - Over lyrics
DRAKE - Show Me a Good Time lyrics
DRAKE - Shut It Down lyrics
DRAKE - Thank Me Now lyrics
DRAKE - The Resistance lyrics
DRAKE - Unforgettable lyrics
DRAKE - Up All Night lyrics
EMINEM - 25 to Life lyrics
EMINEM - Almost Famous lyrics
EMINEM - Cinderella Man lyrics
EMINEM - Cold Wind Blows lyrics
EMINEM - Going Through Changes lyrics
EMINEM - Love the Way You Lie lyrics
EMINEM - No Love lyrics
EMINEM - Not Afraid lyrics
EMINEM - On Fire lyrics
EMINEM - Ridaz lyrics
EMINEM - Seduction lyrics
EMINEM - Session One lyrics
EMINEM - So Bad lyrics
EMINEM - Space Bound lyrics
EMINEM - Talkin' 2 Myself lyrics
EMINEM - Untitled lyrics
EMINEM - W.T.P. lyrics
EMINEM - Won't Back Down lyrics
EMINEM - You're Never Over lyrics
FAR EAST MOVEMENT - 2 is Better lyrics
FAR EAST MOVEMENT - 2gether lyrics
FAR EAST MOVEMENT - Don't Look Now lyrics
FAR EAST MOVEMENT - Fighting for Air lyrics
FAR EAST MOVEMENT - Girls on the Dance Floor lyrics
FAR EAST MOVEMENT - If I Was You (OMG) lyrics
FAR EAST MOVEMENT - Like a G6 lyrics
FAR EAST MOVEMENT - Rocketeer lyrics
FAR EAST MOVEMENT - She Owns the Night lyrics
FAR EAST MOVEMENT - So What? lyrics
FAR EAST MOVEMENT - White Flag lyrics
FOO FIGHTERS - Ballad of the Beaconsfield Miners lyrics
FOO FIGHTERS - But, Honestly lyrics
FOO FIGHTERS - Cheer Up, Boys (Your Make Up is Running) lyrics
FOO FIGHTERS - Come Alive lyrics
FOO FIGHTERS - Erase/Replace lyrics
FOO FIGHTERS - Home lyrics
FOO FIGHTERS - Let It Die lyrics
FOO FIGHTERS - Long Road To Ruin lyrics
FOO FIGHTERS - Statues lyrics
FOO FIGHTERS - Stranger Things Have Happened lyrics
FOO FIGHTERS - Summer's End lyrics
FOO FIGHTERS - The Pretender lyrics
JIMMY EAT WORLD - Amphibious lyrics
JIMMY EAT WORLD - Anderson Mesa lyrics
JIMMY EAT WORLD - Call It In The Air lyrics
JIMMY EAT WORLD - Caveman lyrics
JIMMY EAT WORLD - Chachi lyrics
JIMMY EAT WORLD - Claire lyrics
JIMMY EAT WORLD - Crooked lyrics
JIMMY EAT WORLD - Digits lyrics
JIMMY EAT WORLD - Episode IV lyrics
JIMMY EAT WORLD - House Arrest lyrics
JIMMY EAT WORLD - In The Same Room lyrics
JIMMY EAT WORLD - Patches lyrics
JIMMY EAT WORLD - Reason 346 lyrics
JIMMY EAT WORLD - Robot Factory lyrics
JIMMY EAT WORLD - Rockstar lyrics
JIMMY EAT WORLD - Scientific lyrics
JIMMY EAT WORLD - Seventeen lyrics
JIMMY EAT WORLD - Splat Out of Luck lyrics
JIMMY EAT WORLD - Thinking, That's All lyrics
JIMMY EAT WORLD - Usery lyrics
JIMMY EAT WORLD - Wednesday lyrics
JIMMY EAT WORLD - World is Static lyrics
LIL WAYNE - 3 Peat lyrics
LIL WAYNE - 500 Degreez lyrics
LIL WAYNE - A Milli lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Act a Ass lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Action lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Ain't That a Bitch lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Beef lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Believe That lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Best Rapper Alive lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Biznite lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Bloodline lyrics
LIL WAYNE - BM J.R. lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Break Me Off lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Bring It Back lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Carter II lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Cash Money Millionaires lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Come On lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Comfortable lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Dontgetit lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Dr. Carter lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Drop It Like It's Hot lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Earthquake lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Enemy Turf lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Everything lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Feel Me lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Fireman lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Fly In lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Fly Out lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Fly Talkin' Go Home lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Fo Sheezy lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Fuck The World lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Fuck wit Me Now lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Fuck You lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Gangsta & Pimps lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Gangsta Shit lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Get Down lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Get Off the Corner lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Get Over lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Get That Dough lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Go D.J. lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Go Hard lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Gossip lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Got Money lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Grown Man lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Grown Man [ featuring Curren$y ] lyrics
LIL WAYNE - High Beamin' lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Hit Em Up lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Hit U Up lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Hoes lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Hustler Musik lyrics
LIL WAYNE - I Miss My Dawgs lyrics
LIL WAYNE - I'm a Dboy lyrics
LIL WAYNE - I'm Me lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Inside lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Jump Jiggy lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Kisha lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Kush lyrics
LIL WAYNE - La La lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Let the Beat Build lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Let's Go lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Lights Off lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Lil' One lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Lock & Load lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Lollipop lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Lollipop (Remix) lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Look at Me lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Loud Pipes lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Love Me or Hate Me lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Lovely lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Mo Fire lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Money On My Mind lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Mr. Carter lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Mrs. Officer lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Not Like Me lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Oh No lyrics
LIL WAYNE - On My Own lyrics
LIL WAYNE - On the Grind lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Only Way lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Phone Home lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Playing With Fire lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Prostitute 2 lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Realized lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Receipt lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Remember Me lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Respect Us lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Shine lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Shoot Me Down lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Shooter lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Snitch lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Talkin' About It lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Tha Block Is Hot lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Tha Blues lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Tha Heat lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Tha Mobb lyrics
LIL WAYNE - This is The Carter lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Tie My Hands lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Up To Me lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Walk In lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Walk Out lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Way of Life lyrics
LIL WAYNE - We Don't lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Weezy Baby lyrics
LIL WAYNE - What Does Life Mean to Me lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Whatcha Wanna Do lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Where You At lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Whip It lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Who Wanna lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Wish You Would lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Worry Me lyrics
LIL WAYNE - You Want War lyrics
LIL WAYNE - You Ain't Got Nuthin' lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Young Playa lyrics
LIL WAYNE - Young'n Blues lyrics
METALLICA - All Nightmare Long lyrics
METALLICA - Broken, Beat & Scarred lyrics
METALLICA - Cyanide lyrics
METALLICA - My Apocalypse lyrics
METALLICA - That Was Just Your Life lyrics
METALLICA - The Day That Never Comes lyrics
METALLICA - The End Of The Line lyrics
METALLICA - The Judas Kiss lyrics
METALLICA - The Unforgiven III lyrics
NICKI MINAJ - Blazin lyrics
NICKI MINAJ - Blow Ya Mind lyrics
NICKI MINAJ - Catch Me lyrics
NICKI MINAJ - Check It Out lyrics
NICKI MINAJ - Dear Old Nicki lyrics
NICKI MINAJ - Did It on 'Em lyrics
NICKI MINAJ - Fly lyrics
NICKI MINAJ - Girls Fall Like Dominoes lyrics
NICKI MINAJ - Here I Am lyrics
NICKI MINAJ - I'm The Best lyrics
NICKI MINAJ - Last Chance lyrics
NICKI MINAJ - Moment 4 Life lyrics
NICKI MINAJ - Muny lyrics
NICKI MINAJ - Right Thru Me lyrics
NICKI MINAJ - Roman's Revenge lyrics
NICKI MINAJ - Save Me lyrics
NICKI MINAJ - Super Bass lyrics
NICKI MINAJ - Wave Ya Hand lyrics
NICKI MINAJ - Your Love lyrics
NINE INCH NAILS - 1,000,000 lyrics
NINE INCH NAILS - 999,999 lyrics
NINE INCH NAILS - Corona Radiata lyrics
NINE INCH NAILS - Demon Seed lyrics
NINE INCH NAILS - Discipline lyrics
NINE INCH NAILS - Echoplex lyrics
NINE INCH NAILS - Head Down lyrics
NINE INCH NAILS - Letting You lyrics
NINE INCH NAILS - Lights In The Sky lyrics
NINE INCH NAILS - The Four of Us Are Dying lyrics
NIRVANA - About a Girl lyrics
NIRVANA - Big Cheese lyrics
NIRVANA - Blew lyrics
NIRVANA - Breed lyrics
NIRVANA - Come As You Are lyrics
NIRVANA - Downer lyrics
NIRVANA - Drain You lyrics
NIRVANA - Endless, Nameless lyrics
NIRVANA - Floyd The Barber lyrics
NIRVANA - In Bloom lyrics
NIRVANA - Lithium lyrics
NIRVANA - Lounge Act lyrics
NIRVANA - Love Buzz lyrics
NIRVANA - Mr. Moustache lyrics
NIRVANA - Negative Creep lyrics
NIRVANA - On a Plain lyrics
NIRVANA - Paper Cuts lyrics
NIRVANA - Polly lyrics
NIRVANA - School lyrics
NIRVANA - Scoff lyrics
NIRVANA - Sifting lyrics
NIRVANA - Smells Like Teen Spirit lyrics
NIRVANA - Something In The Way lyrics
NIRVANA - Stay Away lyrics
NIRVANA - Swap Meet lyrics
NIRVANA - Territorial Pissings lyrics
OWL CITY - Butterfly Wings lyrics
OWL CITY - Cave In lyrics
OWL CITY - Dental Care lyrics
OWL CITY - Fireflies lyrics
OWL CITY - Hello Seattle lyrics
OWL CITY - Hot Air Balloon lyrics
OWL CITY - If My Heart Was a House lyrics
OWL CITY - Meteor Shower lyrics
OWL CITY - On the Wing lyrics
OWL CITY - Rugs from Me to You lyrics
OWL CITY - Strawberry Avalanche lyrics
OWL CITY - Sunburn lyrics
OWL CITY - The Bird and the Worm lyrics
OWL CITY - The Saltwater Room lyrics
OWL CITY - The Tip of the Iceberg lyrics
OWL CITY - Tidal Wave lyrics
OWL CITY - Umbrella Beach lyrics
OWL CITY - Vanilla Twilight lyrics
RADIOHEAD - (Nice Dream) lyrics
RADIOHEAD - 15 Step lyrics
RADIOHEAD - 2 + 2 = 5 lyrics
RADIOHEAD - 4 Minute Warning lyrics
RADIOHEAD - a Punchup at a Wedding lyrics
RADIOHEAD - a Wolf At The Door lyrics
RADIOHEAD - Airbag lyrics
RADIOHEAD - All I Need lyrics
RADIOHEAD - Anyone Can Play Guitar lyrics
RADIOHEAD - Backdrifts lyrics
RADIOHEAD - Bangers + Mash lyrics
RADIOHEAD - Black Star lyrics
RADIOHEAD - Bodysnatchers lyrics
RADIOHEAD - Bones lyrics
RADIOHEAD - Bullet Proof, I Wish I Was lyrics
RADIOHEAD - Climbing Up The Walls lyrics
RADIOHEAD - Creep lyrics
RADIOHEAD - Dollars & Cents lyrics
RADIOHEAD - Down Is the New Up lyrics
RADIOHEAD - Electioneering lyrics
RADIOHEAD - Everything In It's Right Place lyrics
RADIOHEAD - Exit Music (For a Film) lyrics
RADIOHEAD - Fake Plastic Trees lyrics
RADIOHEAD - Faust Arp lyrics
RADIOHEAD - Fitter Happier lyrics
RADIOHEAD - Go Slowly lyrics
RADIOHEAD - Go To Sleep lyrics
RADIOHEAD - High and Dry lyrics
RADIOHEAD - House of Cards lyrics
RADIOHEAD - How Do You? lyrics
RADIOHEAD - How To Disappear Completely lyrics
RADIOHEAD - I Can't lyrics
RADIOHEAD - I Might Be Wrong lyrics
RADIOHEAD - I Will lyrics
RADIOHEAD - Idioteque lyrics
RADIOHEAD - In Limbo lyrics
RADIOHEAD - Jigsaw Falling into Place lyrics
RADIOHEAD - Just lyrics
RADIOHEAD - Karma Police lyrics
RADIOHEAD - Kid A lyrics
RADIOHEAD - Knives Out lyrics
RADIOHEAD - Last Flowers lyrics
RADIOHEAD - Let Down lyrics
RADIOHEAD - Life In a Glasshouse lyrics
RADIOHEAD - Like Spinning Plates lyrics
RADIOHEAD - Lucky lyrics
RADIOHEAD - Lurgee lyrics
RADIOHEAD - Morning Bell lyrics
RADIOHEAD - Morning Bell/Amnesiac lyrics
RADIOHEAD - Motion Picture Soundtrack lyrics
RADIOHEAD - My Iron Lung lyrics
RADIOHEAD - Myxomatosis lyrics
RADIOHEAD - Nice Dream lyrics
RADIOHEAD - No Surprises lyrics
RADIOHEAD - Nude lyrics
RADIOHEAD - Optimistic lyrics
RADIOHEAD - Packt Like Sardines In a Crushd Tin Box lyrics
RADIOHEAD - Paranoid Android lyrics
RADIOHEAD - Planet Telex lyrics
RADIOHEAD - Prove Yourself lyrics
RADIOHEAD - Pulk/Pull Revolving Doors lyrics
RADIOHEAD - Pyramid Song lyrics
RADIOHEAD - Reckoner lyrics
RADIOHEAD - Ripcord lyrics
RADIOHEAD - Sail To The Moon lyrics
RADIOHEAD - Scatterbrain lyrics
RADIOHEAD - Sit Down. Stand Up lyrics
RADIOHEAD - Stop Whispering lyrics
RADIOHEAD - Street Spirit (Fade Out) lyrics
RADIOHEAD - Subterranean Homesick Alien lyrics
RADIOHEAD - Sulk lyrics
RADIOHEAD - The Bends lyrics
RADIOHEAD - The Gloaming lyrics
RADIOHEAD - The National Anthem lyrics
RADIOHEAD - The Tourist lyrics
RADIOHEAD - There There lyrics
RADIOHEAD - Thinking About You lyrics
RADIOHEAD - Up on the Ladder lyrics
RADIOHEAD - Vegetable lyrics
RADIOHEAD - Videotape lyrics
RADIOHEAD - We Suck Young Blood lyrics
RADIOHEAD - Weird Fishes/Arpeggi lyrics
RADIOHEAD - Where I End and You Begin lyrics
RADIOHEAD - You lyrics
RADIOHEAD - You and Whose Army? lyrics
RIHANNA - California King Bed lyrics
RIHANNA - Cheers (Drink to That) lyrics
RIHANNA - Complicated lyrics
RIHANNA - Fading lyrics
RIHANNA - Love the Way You Lie (Part II) lyrics
RIHANNA - Man Down lyrics
RIHANNA - Only Girl (In the World) lyrics
RIHANNA - Raining Men lyrics
RIHANNA - S&M lyrics
RIHANNA - Skin lyrics
RIHANNA - What's My Name? lyrics
SILVERCHAIR - All Across The World lyrics
SILVERCHAIR - If You Keep Losing Sleep lyrics
SILVERCHAIR - Insomnia lyrics
SILVERCHAIR - Low lyrics
SILVERCHAIR - Mind Reader lyrics
SILVERCHAIR - Reflections Of A Sound lyrics
SILVERCHAIR - Straight Lines lyrics
SILVERCHAIR - Strange Behaviour lyrics
SILVERCHAIR - The Man Who Knew Too Much lyrics
SILVERCHAIR - Those Thieving Birds (pt.1) lyrics
SILVERCHAIR - Those Thieving Birds (pt.2) lyrics
SILVERCHAIR - Waiting All Day lyrics
SILVERCHAIR - Young Modern Station lyrics
SLAUGHTERHOUSE - Cuckoo lyrics
SLAUGHTERHOUSE - Cut You Loose lyrics
SLAUGHTERHOUSE - Fight Klub lyrics
SLAUGHTERHOUSE - Killaz lyrics
SLAUGHTERHOUSE - Lyrical Murderers lyrics
SLAUGHTERHOUSE - Microphone lyrics
SLAUGHTERHOUSE - Not Tonight lyrics
SLAUGHTERHOUSE - Onslaught 2 lyrics
SLAUGHTERHOUSE - Pray (It's a Shame) lyrics
SLAUGHTERHOUSE - Rain Drops lyrics
SLAUGHTERHOUSE - Salute lyrics
SLAUGHTERHOUSE - Sound Off lyrics
THE BEATLES - A Day In The Life lyrics
THE BEATLES - Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite! lyrics
THE BEATLES - Fixing a Hole lyrics
THE BEATLES - Getting Better lyrics
THE BEATLES - Good Morning, Good Morning lyrics
THE BEATLES - Lovely Rita lyrics
THE BEATLES - Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds lyrics
THE BEATLES - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band lyrics
THE BEATLES - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise) lyrics
THE BEATLES - She's Leaving Home lyrics
THE BEATLES - When I'm Sixty-Four lyrics
THE BEATLES - With a Little Help From My Friends lyrics
THE BEATLES - Within You Without You lyrics
THE KILLERS - All These Things That I've Done lyrics
THE KILLERS - Andy, You're a Star lyrics
THE KILLERS - Believe Me Natalie lyrics
THE KILLERS - Change Your Mind lyrics
THE KILLERS - Everything Will Be Alright lyrics
THE KILLERS - Glamorous Indie Rock & Roll lyrics
THE KILLERS - Jenny Was a Friend of Mine lyrics
THE KILLERS - Midnight Show lyrics
THE KILLERS - Mr. Brightside lyrics
THE KILLERS - On Top lyrics
THE KILLERS - Smile Like You Mean It lyrics
THE KILLERS - Somebody Told Me lyrics
WEEZER - Automatic lyrics
WEEZER - Cold Dark World lyrics
WEEZER - Dreamin' lyrics
WEEZER - Everybody Get Dangerous lyrics
WEEZER - Heart Songs lyrics
WEEZER - King lyrics
WEEZER - Miss Sweeney lyrics
WEEZER - Pig lyrics
WEEZER - Pork and Beans lyrics
WEEZER - The Angel and The One lyrics
WEEZER - The Greatest Man That Ever Lived (Variations On A Shaker Hymn) lyrics
WEEZER - The Spider lyrics
WEEZER - Thought I Knew lyrics
WEEZER - Troublemaker lyrics

(1999) THA BLOCK IS HOT - track 07 - Lights Off

Lil Wayne

Cut the lights off nigga (cut 'em off)
You know what time it is (what)
You know what time it is (what)
Strap up [gun cocks]

A lot of niggas better move out
Cause here I come with my click
With the tools out
All of a sudden all these cowards
Startin' to spook out
It's warfare a buncha of niggas
Bout to loose out
It's time to load up them thangs
Hit the spot run in his house
And make 'em show up then thangs
Take 'em in the room go in his pockets
And then blow up his brain
No matter the weather
Rain, snow, sleet, or hail
I'm a slang that metal
So tell 'em niggas in yo' hood
To get it together
Cause I'm the tolas mario
And we down for whatever
Nerver underestimate or you goin under
Y'all keep on playin with Lil Wayne
But that lil' boy trouble
And plus dis shorty be full, wodie
Be scorin bundles, dem start wildin and
Hit the block and let his toys rumble
And it go ratter tatter
Ya be suprised how niggaz scatter
When the M-1 shatter
And everybody on they block
They get bout ten in they bladder

Tell 'em lights off
Mask on
Creep silent
Your life's gone
We done left the block quiet

When it's time to ride
It ain't no time to play
It could be time to die
At any time of the day
And I'll be goddammit
If I let a nigga steel me
It will not happen
I'm a fire about a hundred and fifty shots at 'em
And got my glocks rammin'
Leave a nigga spot damaged
That's how the beat made us
I chief three blunts
So I can get a head rush
Then come around the corner
And your whole day crush
I'm sick and tired
Niggas choosin' test a boy
They get hit and die
Some of 'em scared of man slaughter
So they stay inside
And watch they partner get lit up
And then they ask why
That's cause you played with' me
They couldn't 've known I'm a guerilla
Drama stayed with me
Run in his home went to kill him
Took his head with me
You better get it right or keep it right
Or lose your whole town
Tell em' lights off
It's about to go down


Massacre all these streets block it off
Lil' Wayne in yo' hood
With something like a rocket dog
And I'm after ya
I don't pass beef
I stop at all
That boy got a head on his shoulders
I knock it off
I'm highly intoxicated mixing Krystelle and vodka
Somebody call the doctor
Cause my chopper done went blocka, knocka
Nigga out the way man
I'm sorry but us guerillas we can't stay tamed, say it man
Are you ready, ready
Ready for warfare Wayne, Turk, Juvi, and BGeezy they all there
We all flare, don't care, dog they all tear
Give the guns to the one with the long hair
Dem block burner
It gets quiet they see the rims twenty four seventy
(Breathes)they breathe heavily
Bullets they come steadily
You better stay off the block
Cause you might fall
You better stay off the block
Cause the lights off


Lights off
Tell em' lights off
La, la, la lights off
Nigga lights off
We done left the block quiet